When Casey Samuels is reported missing, it changes the world for the once quiet town of Edenfield in the heartland of Virgina, USA. A string of disappearances and unexplainable personality changes to the town’s most beloved residents becomes a warning, that Edenfield is not what it used to be.


For Evangelene, Gabriel, Lorelei and Nate, their quiet senior year is about to become a year from hell when they are targeted by Lucifer's Fallen Angels, The Damaged, led by mysterious new girl Scarlett and her allies,


 With the help of new and old faces of Edenfield, Evangelene must discover the truth about who the new comers are and what they want as it becomes clear they should be afraid of what lurks in the shadows of their once picturesque town... all the demons and monsters that God has tried to keep tied down.

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